Happy Birthday BK // From Cafe Analog

Happy Birthday BK // From Cafe Analog

For this amazing occasion, I dug out my big box of journals and notebooks to see that in 2010 I actually started my first handwritten journal in a notebook. Being a Japan-lover I very quickly found the kind of stationery style I loved and other pretty stuff from Traveler’s Company and got my first TN in 2014. Then Hobonichi and many other Japanese planners and covers followed. My first purchase at Baum-kuchen was the leather charm for my TN. “The Journey is the destination”, I still have it. A package from Baum-kuchen was and is a little party itself. So prettily wrapped, with an eye for detail and ... enclosed with an origami invoice.

From the first day, I laid my eyes on the Baum-kuchen shop online, I was in awe over the quality of the products, the philosophy behind it all, and the overall love for analogue. I was impressed by the people behind it, the way they communicated with their worldwide community through “love letters”, and the family and crew that supported it. I felt part of that family. I drooled over their stationery, the precious girls being born, the balloon pants of Wakako, the sketches and creativity of Frido, and the travels they made. And of course, I was a big fan of the exquisite elegance of Eunice’s planners and pictures. She was and will always be my Instagram muse. Although I will never reach that peaceful and clean atmosphere in my journals, hahaha.

Baum-kuchen for me is elegance, consistency, high quality, and creativity.

These 10 years have flown by, and now I can proudly say I am a retailer of my favorite brand.

To many more years BK-team!


Desiree // CAFE ANALOG


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  • Judi: June 13, 2020
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    Hi, Desiree! Your shop/cafe is such fun and I love that you are carrying the BK items. I hope that you will come to BK sometime soon so that we can meet in person.

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