Growing close to home

Growing close to home

A few days ago, Frido asked me what is the most surprising findings I have stumbled upon after we started social distancing back in March. It took me a while to think of what that could be...

One thing that comes to my mind is how close we have grown to our home. Before, our home felt like a transitional place where we came home from the outside world only to have a moment to catch a breath to step out again. Things have changed quite a bit since March. We are home so much more and through it, we have learned to enjoy the time spent caring for the home. On every Sunday, we created a new weekly rhythm to deep clean the house together as a family. We have dedicated tasks we volunteer and get to work with our busy hands. Some of the favorite tasks girls enjoy are tidying their own room, mopping the floor, and ironing linens. Frido and I usually take on the kitchen, living room, dining room, and bathroom. The tangible gratification we get after spending a few hours on Sunday morning is beautiful. After everything is done and the house is aired, we sit around the dining table and take a moment to enjoy tea and treat. When we tackled the first deep cleaning a few Sundays ago, girls were so fascinated how clean it felt afterward, they kept looking at our living room. 

It makes me happy that when girls grow up, they will know this feeling of being close to home and I am thankful for this opportunity. 

What are some of the things that surprised you since you started staying close to home? 


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