Gratitude for JIYU love + notes from studio and home

Gratitude for JIYU love + notes from studio and home

This last week has been incredibly exciting and exhilarating for us at Baum-kuchen. Last Friday, we launched our original BK planner, JIYU. This notebook has been in making for over a year and it was probably one of the most involved design projects Frido, BK team, and I have embarked on for Baum-kuchen. I wrote a little bit about it here and I will definitely say it again that it was a labor of love. I also want to share huge gratitude for the overwhelming amount of love and support we were showered during this launch week. Some BK friends told us that they are looking forward to returning to using a TN with JIYU after not using the TN cover for a while. Another friend is looking forward to using this minimalistic layout with a zen atmosphere. Others shared that they appreciate all the details that went into creating this project come alive. Thank you!!! We love hearing your thoughts about it and can't wait to hear more once you start diving into the pages. 

As we have received a lot of orders this past week, please know that the shipping timeframe will feel slightly longer than usual. Our team is working throughout the week shipping one parcel at a time and we have a quantity limit to how many packages we can send out with each day and week while keeping the high-quality standard and craftsmanship in packaging each parcel. I truly appreciate you understanding the situation if you have placed an order this past week:) Please know that your package will be sent out with much love and care as we always do. 

A few more exciting updates from the BK side. 

We are thrilled to carry a breadth of artifacts from Stalogy now! We feel their design aesthetics and functional details make a perfect fit for our collection. We also started offering in-store notebook making service during our opening hours. It is called CreativeRemix! I will definitely share more about it very soon:) So far we have made a handful of TN size notebooks with our in-store customers and it's so fun to see how everyone crafts his/her own notebooks in the unique ways. 

On my personal side, I have been consistently journaling before sunrise for a while now. If you are familiar with my IG feed, you probably have seen many days' IG stories, with our kitchen nook and a candlelit table. I spend about half an hour every day writing on my journal pages, remembering dreams I had from the night, marking my gratitude for the day, writing letters to our girls, etc. Even on a very busy day, or perhaps especially on those very busy days, I appreciate the feeling of connecting with myself first and foremost when I start the day. Oh and running. The season of the marathon training is starting very soon and I have been preparing by running more consistently and increasing weekly mileage. Some days I really don't feel like I can get out out of the door in my running shoes but I do to keep myself accountable. On those days, I remind myself that I was barely able to run 2-3 miles two years ago and try to acknowledge that I have come a long way and cherish the growth. I have a good feeling about this training season. Training for the race is a pretty exciting process for me and I thank you in advance if you see me in-person during the training season and the first thing that you might hear from me is about how things are going with my run. Thanks for listening:) 

As we get ready for a new week, I am sending warm thoughts towards your way as I welcome the next few weeks full of time with family & friends, a promise to make more time for myself and courage to stay who we exactly are every day. 



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