Every Day With Minotake Cutleries // Ame

Every Day With Minotake Cutleries // Ame

I hope you are enjoying this holiday season. If you are home-buddy like our BK family, I think you will enjoy this cozy video shot by Ame of Baum-kuchen. She has been telling us all about how much she LOVES her Minotake spoons and spatulas, so we asked her to share how she is using these beautiful bamboo cutleries. I am all about creating sacred rituals right now and I can't wait to incorporate a little bit of Matcha Latte making in my morning journaling routine after watching this video. If you are interested in making your own Matcha Latte, Ame has shared her recipe below. Oh and isn't her analogue corner so welcoming and cozy? I adore everything about her video:) I hope you enjoy too!


Ame's Matcha Latte Recipe:
[ Ingredients ]
  • 1.5 Cups milk (vegetarian ok too)
  • 3 Tbsp hot water
  • 2 tsp matcha (preferably ceremonial)
  • Honey to taste
[ Instruction ]
  1. Pour the milk into a pot and bring to a gentle simmer. If microwaving, about 1-1.5mins.
  2. Whisk Matcha with hot water in your favorite mug.
  3. Gently pour the hot milk into the mug. Add honey and mix until it has dissolved. 4. Enjoy!! Journaling recommended but not mandatory :)
The BK team behind the video:
Ame for showing us how she uses her Minotake cutleries and sharing her delicious Matcha Latte recipe; Eunice for working with Ame to edit and produce the video.


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  • Susie: January 09, 2020
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    How beautiful! Matcha latte is my favorite meditative treat. Thank you Ame!

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