Designed by People. Made for People.

Designed by People. Made for People.

You know that we have gone through a process of adopting a new situation when you stop counting how many days, weeks, months since the day when things changed. That is what is starting to happen around me and the family. We do talk about what we miss and what we don't miss from back then to use it as a fuel for inspiration for how we want to continue to design our every day. But mostly, we are fully immersed in living now as it unfolds instead of looking back... 

The BK team has been creating incredibly diligently since they started working remotely in mid-March and lifting BK as a small design studio. I am immensely proud of them as I understand it's not easy to swap which BK hats to wear overnight. 

The very first design project we worked together in March was this BK Message Clear Sticker Sheet. Each of us (including Coco and Satchi) added unique analogue elements to share with our community when we ship our online orders. This project brought us together as we settled into our individual screens and really set the tone for what has followed as ever-growing creative projects that are either currently in progress or in production. Our team members are taking a turn sharing Journal with Me, Sketch with Me videos as well as posting our Instagram updates. We are waiting for the first round of BK original masking tapes to arrive very soon. And we just launched the very first BK original coloring page which you can download from our page for free. Many of these creative projects were brought up from the team as they listened to our community and worked tirelessly to find ways to bring lights and inspiration to the BK community as everyone is staying close to home. 

I will say this over and over again. Our team is a rock star:)

"Designed by people. Made for people." That is who we are;) 


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