Delay in International and Military & Diplomatic Mail Delivery

Delay in International and Military & Diplomatic Mail Delivery

We are currently experiencing a delay in shipment for international and Military & Diplomatic mail. We use USPS First-Class Mail (unless specified by a customer to use USPS Priority Express). Usually, the international parcel is delivered in 2-4 weeks but we have been notified by USPS that it could take much longer at this moment due to Covid-19. 

If you would like to read more about the current delivery condition of your country, you can check out this USPS website

Please know that we are shipping your order as quickly as possible from our studio in California; however, depending on the destination country, there might be a longer waiting time for your order to arrive. 

Action Steps to Take if Your Order is not Arriving:

Once it reaches 8 weeks after your parcel is shipped from our studio and if your parcel is not delivered yet, please email us at

I hope the situation continues to improve every day as all parties involved in delivering your package go back to more normal operation. For now, I appreciate your anticipation of the package's delivery as well as your kind patience.

Thank you!



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