Creating an oasis

Creating an oasis

In the last few days, I had a few moments at Baum-kuchen studio where I felt the power of community. Sunday before our opening hours, a planner meet-up group gathered around our BK analogue table to share their time together. This sweet group meets every month at different locations. Once in a while, I am honored to be asked if they could meet in our studio. It always makes me so happy to see this small group support each other through their mutual love for all things analogue. 

Sunday afternoon opening hours was as sweet as it can be. We never know how full our humble space would be on any given opening hours. I would say this past Sunday opening hours had a perfect balance of love from our close-knit local customer/friends and new guests who just found Baum-kuchen through the search of their planners.

This afternoon, we opened our door to welcome our friends, Team Maido as they were on their way to their store for a field trip! As obsessive stationery enthusiasts, BK team adores the wide collection of stationery they carry at their stores. Even though our scale of team/company can't be more different, I am thankful for a friendly relationship we have with them. We were able to accommodate a few TrulyYours customization during their visit, thanks to Ame's craftsmanship and there is nothing like witnessing sweet friends cheering for each other's customization. 

With our space slightly more spacious and accommodating than our previous location, I hope we continue to find ways to connect with our community in a real and meaningful way. 

People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.

It's my personal goal that Baum-kuchen continues to help our community feel as if they are invited to a very special oasis. 


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