Join us to Welcome [BKxTN] GRID Notebook!

Join us to Welcome [BKxTN] GRID Notebook!

The original BK Grid Notebook was one of the first notebooks we produced at Baum-kuchen studio as an original notebook. From passionately talking to the BK community about our analogue experience, it was evident that "Tomoe River Paper" (aka "TRP") brought not only joy in writing quality but also deep satisfaction to everyone's journaling experience. Back in 2018 we directly sourced TRP with just the right grid spacing and opacity, bound them locally, and manually stamped heat foil design on the cover, one notebook at a time. The original BK Grid Notebook sold out quickly with loyal customers who sworn to us that they would be waiting for the next production of BK Grid. 

Fast forward to the fall of 2019, TRAVELER'S COMPANY design team approached us to discuss the idea for future collaboration. One of the ideas was to produce TN refill notebooks designed by Baum-kuchen, produced by TRAVELER'S COMPANY. 

And here we are! Our very first TNxBK Collaboration project. [BKxTN] Grid Notebook! I am thankful for the collaborative creation process we were able to engage between Tokyo where TRAVELER'S COMPANY team is and California where Baum-kuchen is. Multiple iteration of all the design details were shipped back and fourth. I was delighted every time I received the parcel which contained sample materials from the TN team. They always made sure to include a variety of options available so we could find the best solution for this notebook design. 

Packed with 128 pages of Tomoe River Paper grid pages. The paper is fountain pen and ink friendly and lightweight so even though it has many page counts, the notebook does not feel bulky in your Traveler's Notebook. You will be able to use this notebook for an extended period of time making it perfect for someone who enjoys not having to swap refill notebooks frequently and love referencing the past entries. The notebook cover is designed by Baum-kuchen with consideration to minimize noise sand clutter. You can keep the cover as is and enjoy the sophisticated look and feel or add stickers, tapes, scribbles to personalize! "TRP" symbol on the cover is a code for "Tomoe River Paper". We figured that you would know what that means without spelling it out:) The notebook is produced by TRAVELER'S COMPANY in Japan with the same notebook quality they have perfected for their original TN refills. 

This unique [BKxTN] collaboration notebook will be available at Baum-kuchen (10/19/20) as well as TRAVELER'S FACTORY in Japan (10/21/20).   

We hope this is the beginning of our ongoing creative relationship with TRAVELER'S COMPANY... and we are so thankful that you can take a part in this collaborative journey with us! 

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  • Jack Gilmore: October 12, 2020
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    Ok…can’t wait for the release. I’m ready to order the minute they are up on your web site! ☺️👍🏻

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