BK Favorite Moment : Ame

BK Favorite Moment : Ame

Hello, our BK friends.

To celebrate our 10th anniversary, our team will be sharing his/her favorite BK moment as a mini-story series. The first story is from Ame! I hope you enjoy it;) 



Even though we are a small group, it's kind of rare that we all get together due to distance and scheduling. Some of my favourite times at Baum-kuchen are the leisure times we get to spend together. Of course, I love working with everyone, but I also just love to loaf around (sometimes, sometimes!) with no purpose. I believe that our time spent together also helps us to understand other sides of who we are outside of work. 

Some of my favourite memories revolve around our Inspiration Labs with The Superior Labor. Last year, right before the workshop, many of us got together and spent the afternoon at the Altadena Community Garden park and had a picnic. It was quite a warm summer day. We got our food from nearby food trucks and just ate and enjoyed each other's company. It's simple joys like these that make me really happy. To simply be. The kids were running around, playing, laughing, looking for horses; Yanai-san being the best babysitter in the world and looking after the little ones; Kawai-san and Chie-san had brought their Rolleiflex cameras and were looking for a moment to shoot; Wakako, Susan and Yoshimi-san were chatting about anything and everything despite our language barrier. Los Angeles Parrots were also screaming overhead, surprising our guests.

Picture perfect. A perfect idyllic afternoon... 

(Maybe minus the parrot cacophony).

It's moments shared like these that make me really grateful to be alive! It makes me feel truly connected to the present, that I am here. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be with wonderful people, to experience the love that is shared, and the feeling that we are all connected. Because despite everything, we are all connected and in this wonderful world, together. 


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  • Judi: June 13, 2020
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    Ame, you are an absolute treasure – at BK and in the world. Your art is as beautiful as you are.

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