BK Favorite Memory: Nerine

BK Favorite Memory: Nerine

What's my favorite BK memory?  There are so many to choose from! As I was thinking of all the great Baum-kuchen memories for the last 7.5 years I've been with Baum-kuchen, I began to think how far Wakako's humble on-line store grew into an amazing community with great products that so many have enjoyed this past decade. As the memories started flowing, I thought, how could I just pick one? Was my favorite memory sewing the 1.61 charms onto the packaging cards? Watching Coco delicately put the brass rivets into the leather charms? Or was it the amazing people I met along the way? Or the food cravings! The planchitas every lunch from Lemon Poppy Kitchen with Eunice for an entire summer! Monday lunches at Gingergrass, tacos from Poncitlan, dumplings for team meeting lunches, and of course eating Venezuelan food and fresh made churros from Amara Cafe. Yummo!  So many memories, how can I choose? And then it hits me, our trip to Japan with Wakako and Eunice!! Of course!  

Wakako gave Eunice and me an amazing opportunity to visit Japan in 2016 to experience Japan's culture and their love of stationery first hand. It was truly an experience. Our first day was exploring and visiting Loft. We walked through Tokyo’s Shibuya crossing to get there! It was a fun and exciting crosswalk to get to our destination! There are no words to describe the wall of washi tapes at Loft! So many planners! So many stickers, so many EVERYTHING! Seven floors of  stationery heaven! I remember that's where Wakako purchased the first Jibun Techo to test out, Eunice got Soramame stamp pads, and I found my Kitta tapes

After a long and exciting day, we had dinner with the Traveler's Notebook team. It was an exciting feeling, Traveler's Notebook is meeting with us, our little L.A store!  It was exciting to meet each TN team member, what they did for TN, and hear the heart of Traveler’s Notebook company first hand.

We spent the next few days going from one stationery store to the next, and observing Japanese culture and food. We went to ateliers Penelope and I bought my favorite BK product; the Penelope Handy Pouch! I even bought another one when we started carrying it at BK. Every time I use them, I think of our time in Japan. It's so soft and worn in, I absolutely love it! 

Japan is an amazing country and I saw it through Wakako's love for stationery.  I appreciate more of what I do for Baum-kuchen, and hope people everywhere will love stationery and paper. Those memories, laughters and giggles with Eunice and Wakako will last me forever!  Happy 10 Years Baum-kuchen!  I look forward to sharing my favorite 20 year memory! 

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  • Judi: June 13, 2020
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    Oh, Nerine! You are the busy bee who keeps everything going at BK and at home. Thank you for all you do; can’t wait to see you again.

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