Bk Favorite Memory: Emil

Bk Favorite Memory: Emil

The 2019 BKxTSL Inspiration Lab was my first workshop, and the excitement of the event was such a wonderful experience. The skill that TSL shared and the creativity of our community were so inspiring to me.

After we wrapped up the workshop, Wakako and Frido opened their home to the team to celebrate. The sun was low in the sky, and the temperatures were cooling. As the sun started to set, I watched the palm trees silhouetted from their backyard in true California fashion. We were settling down on their family porch, chatting before dinner. Kawai-san’s daughter Nono was holding her parents' camera phone and took pictures of some skywriting fading away. To our surprise, the photo was very well composed and beautiful. Although with her limited 2-year-old motor skills, she had taken 30 or so pictures at once!

We shared food, music, stories with each other, and our families. My mom, who lives in Florida, had flown out for the workshop. She watched the kids play and chatted with Yoshimi-san. I was about Satchi’s age when we lived in Japan, so I’m sure the experience sparked a lot of memories for her. Catherine was talking to Yanai-san about fashion and art. Yanai-san let her try on his octagonal sunglasses and they took selfies together. I felt happy to have my family here and welcomed so warmly to enjoy this moment. 

The positive energy was palpable. The excitement of sharing our passion mixed with the response of love from the community stayed with us. I think this passion, love, and energy is part of what makes BK and TSL so special. I like to think that when someone receives a package from us, reads Wakako’s love letters, or walks into our store, this energy is shared and spread.

At this moment, I felt at peace. Like I was in the right place at the right time. When I think back to this memory, I feel grateful that my life has led me to meet such wonderfully warm and passionate people.

- Emil

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  • Eden: June 19, 2020
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    It truly was the right place and the right time! I felt so privileged to be a part of it! Getting to know the BK family and experiencing the love and acceptance from everyone made me feel truly blessed! As a parent watching your children grow, your hope is that they are able to create a life for themselves filled with peace and happiness, love and acceptance, and joy in doing the things which inspire them. Thank you for sharing this time with me…I treasure these memories!

  • Judi: June 13, 2020
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    You absolutely were – and are! Your presence at BK has made it that much more creative and joyful. Thanks for being there, Emil!

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