BK design in progress

BK design in progress

When I started Baum-kuchen back in 2010, I never imagined that we would be designing artifacts for our own brand. Here we are... almost reaching our 10th year anniversary, we are constantly discussing designs. 

In many ways, I am so thankful that Frido and I have a design background that has equipped us to be able to guide the design conversation. Our nightly conversations constantly evolve our next design ideas. When we have our team meeting at BK, the whole team contributes to the design process and I love watching how passionate everyone is to pitch in their ideas and thoughts in the conversation. 

We have a lot of design threads going on right now. Some of our current design projects involve color designs for upcoming seasons, BK planner, a new design for a bag.... and more.

I can't wait to share these ideas with you when we are ready! Stay tuned:) 


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