BK Curbside Pickup (Sunday between 1-4 pm)

BK Curbside Pickup (Sunday between 1-4 pm)

***Our updated Curbside Pick-Up time is Sunday between 1-4 pm starting from the weekend of July 25th by appointment only. 

One thing I am learning more and more every day through the process of working through Covid-19 is to be flexible. And small businesses like us are good at that. We are nimble, adaptable, and quick to learn. 

We have been shipping our online orders without missing too many beats for the last two months and we will continue to work diligently to have a timely shipment for your online orders. 

Last week, we got an update that retailers can open the service for curbside pickup for local customers. So as quickly as we closed our in-studio operation in mid-March, we got ready for our first Saturday curbside pickup between 1-4 pm. 

To arrange the curbside pickup, please place an online order before Friday 9 pm prior to the Saturday you are picking up with a note saying that you will be picking up your items curbside. We will send detailed instructions to you via email to coordinate the pickup logistics and refund shipping fee you are charged once your order is picked up. I hope having this option will make it easier for some of our local customers! 
Feel free to email us if you have any questions! 


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