ateliers Penelope Eimer Bag!

ateliers Penelope Eimer Bag!


We always look forward to receiving an updated design catalog from ateliers Penelope. It is so evident that their design sensitivity is rooted in the city life of Tokyo. When we first saw Eimer Bag, we couldn't help to smile. The playful cylindrical shape and lightweight nylon makes it a perfect grab and go bag for all season. Easy to use drawstring top keeps all the items inside from falling out! (Have you experienced turning on the curve too quickly and having entire bag contents on the passenger seat fall out?? It happens to me all the time)

And we are thrilled that we can show you in this video how much it fits inside of this petite bag:) Enjoy!

The BK team behind the video:
Eunice for producing and editing the footage so thoughtfully and having fun testing the bag!

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