Feeling the tide of the year 2020

Feeling the tide of the year 2020

At Baum-kuchen, August and September are beginning of the planner season. Usually, it's an exciting time for all of us at BK to start thinking of what each team member might use as a planner/journal for the next year. It's the topic of our lunchtime, our opening hours, and ongoing back and forth that continues all the way to the beginning of the new year. 

This season feels a little different, though. The year 2020 is transforming who we are, what we do, and how we do things in so many ways than we ever thought possible. The year has and is still carrying uncertainties and struggles mixed with the observation of simple joy and importance of family as a unit... like a tidal wave... and I feel that wave hasn't reached the peak yet... When will this wave reach the turning point? And when it does, what will return to the sea, and what will be washed up on the shore? 

As we start taking pre-orders for MD 2021 and Jibun 2021 (and soon TN 2021), I am personally thinking a lot about these questions. 


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