Analogue system 2019: Focusing on my Staple

Analogue system 2019: Focusing on my Staple

We are well into 2019 and I am finally feeling settled with my analogue system. Currently, I am spreading my analogue needs in two EDC systems: Hobonichi Cousin and Traveler's Notebook

Hobonichi Cousin
Monthly Pages: Monthly spreads continue to be really important to keep my head around our family's schedule, travel, and BK calendar. These pages help me plan and stay organized and make sure that we don’t double book ourselves. I love the simple and clean layout of the Hobonichi monthly pages. Lots of negative space to write (and rewrite) ever-changing schedule for the whole family and BK. I usually use a little bit of masking tape here and there to cover up the change in schedule.  

Weekly Page: Since I can't write all the details in the monthly spread, I fill in the weekly pages with detailed schedule, things to remember, items to bring to a certain meeting, etc. I have a rule "not" to fill any schedule on the weekly spread until I get to the weekend before. Until then, I add all my schedule on the monthly spread. This forces me to make sure that I don't miss anything between monthly/weekly transition. I also have an ever-changing to-do list, learning records for our girls, mileage for running recorded on these pages. I have this page open when I am working for BK related tasks.


Daily Pages: I write morning and evening gratitude on these pages along with random thoughts, ideas, events, journal entry, etc. I love these pages because it gives me a "place" to go when I find myself in between time. Instead of scrolling through my phone, I try to either write notes and observations or flip back to past entries. This part of my analogue system really grounds and centers me. In many ways, my monthly and weekly spreads are functional and left-brain oriented and my daily pages capture my right-brain necessities. Initially, I was worried that I might not have enough to fill the page every day but it turned out not to be a problem! I also love going back to past pages when I have an in-between moment. 


Traveler's Notebook (Blue) with Truly Yours wallet configuration 
My TN continues to function as my wallet/journal. I love that no matter where I go, it’s always with me. 



Letters to Satchi and Coco: Since I carry my Traveler’s Notebook everywhere, I wanted to keep letters I write to my girls in the TN. I have "Wander" notebook in my TN right now. Whenever I have a moment, I jot down small letters to Satchi and Coco. Last night, I wrote, "It makes me so happy to know that you have loving friends all around you" after seeing them play with their friends. Sometimes I add quotes I want them to read in the future. I also make sure to keep postcards they receive from their friends in here as a part of the archival system. The act of writing letters to my girls reminds me to slow down and appreciate who they are today. It makes me feel closer to them and I feel that they will always have a piece of me with them in the future. Also having something so close to my heart combined with a wallet function is such a huge reminder of my priority in life. 


Hobonichi 5-year techo
In the evening, Satchi and I journal together and that's usually when I write a short entry on my Hobonichi 5-year techo. It's our special time together followed by our read-aloud time. I am thankful that we can continue to cultivate rituals that are meaningful to us. 

At the end of the day, I am happy as long as I have a pen to write with and a paper to write on. I have learned that I can be flexible with media and medium as long as I can have a few important components that have become a staple for my life. 

I hope your 2019 adventure has started off well. How is your analogue system working for you? I am always so interested in how everyone organizes the day/week/year but more importantly your priorities, dreams, as well as reflection.


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