Join us to wish Ame the very best, as she journey onto her next adventure!

Join us to wish Ame the very best, as she journey onto her next adventure!

Greetings from BK studio! This month, Ame has decided to depart from Baum-kuchen onto her next adventure. Though, we will most certainly miss her at the studio, I would love to take a moment to reflect on the incredible contribution Ame made for Baum-kuchen!

Ame joined our team in 2017 during the midst of our planner season and jumped right into supporting the team with the online shop operation. While her contribution to the overall BK operation has been fantastic (she gets things done!), she truly flexed her artisan skills when we started to dream up the BK TrulyYours TN Customization service. We arranged her apprenticeship with The Superior Labor to get an in-person leather crafts training in 2018 and 2020. With her training under the belt, she has been taking the lead role to support the TN customization in-house at Baum-kuchen. 

Ame also collaborated with Frido to design many BK original designs, including masking tapes, postcards, and more. We love that all of her artwork has a touch of “Ame-ness” in them that brightens any analogue moments. 

I am so thankful that our paths crossed at BK and wish the very best for her and her family moving forward! If you would like to stay in touch with her, here is her IG account and her Etsy store. Drop her a line! I am sure she would love to hear from you:) 


p.s. Since we are a small team and in the process of adjusting our operation, we are currently pausing our TrulyYours service. We hope to bring it back, and we look forward to sharing the announcement with you when we are ready.


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