I so believe that even when our exciting trip comes to an end, our experience lingers in life for a very long time. 

Last few trips we have taken definitely proved the theory for us and impacted the way we orient and live our life at home in Los Angeles. 

When we were staying on the Big Island of Hawaii in early January, Frido started drawing and sketching things that were inspiring him at the moment. Whenever we had downtime at our home away home, he would zone into painting and sketching logos and ideas to capture what our Hawaii experience felt to us. 

When we came home and looked at his sketchbook pages, we thought we should finalize some of the ideas and turn them into something we can share at our studio... and that's how our BK Travel Sticker / Hawaii came to life. I love that it's a postcard size so we could put the entire sheet in a clear sleeve and mail it as a travel postcard. I also adore that the entire sheet feels like it came out of his sketchbook. A lot of callouts and notes... just the way Frido tinkers and designs. Some of the watercolor paintings are already die-cut so they can be easily incorporated into your journal or letter... I personally saved and cut all the tiny details with scissors! 

We hope this personal capture of our experience in Hawaii brings inspiration to your future travels as well as stir your memory from the past travels.  

BK on Big Islands //
Live light... and travel even lighter

Up and close with volcano
Our home away home in jungle
Gone fishing... (well sort of)


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