A Special Place in the World

A Special Place in the World

I believe we all have special places that keep calling us. Yakushima is one of those places for me. Ever since my grandfather moved to the island about 30 years ago. I have been fortunate to be able to visit and make meaningful connections here. I sense that the energy on this island resonates with me by the way my heart opens up. I simply feel so much more when I am on this island.

7 winters ago, Frido, Satchi, and I visited this island for two months as Universe detoured us away from our original plan to spend our sabbatical in Bali. Now reflecting back, that was one rough winter we spent here. So far away from the initial thought of us being in Bali and creating designs on a tropical island... But we grew so much from the experience. And in so many ways, Baum-kuchen which was its infancy stage at the time was deeply influenced by the way of living on Yakushima. 

Now we are one day away from leaving the island again, I am left with the impression of questioning the status quo. I am not sure how it will manifest itself but I am certain that all four of us (kids included) have been changed from inside and out once again. 

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  • Susan Hooker: May 28, 2019
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    “ A Special Place in the World” is my favorite post of your writing and thoughts over the years since I found the little bright spot in the world called Baum-Kuchen . Your words leap from the pages into my heart . The substance of ALL that is BK is vibrant and inspiring and appreciated. Thank you❕

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