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A Lesson from our time in Greece

A Lesson from our time in Greece
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This spring, Frido and I were able to carve out much-needed focused family time in Greece. Our mission for this trip was simple. To be present with our girls and with each other. Here is a mini video essay that captures the essence of what we learned from our time away.


  • diane: July 26, 2022

    “It seems to me that being fully present is one of the way I can play my part in the world to create a small ripple that is proportional to who I am.” The whole video is lovely, but your closing line really touched my heart. I want to make my own small ripple as well.

  • Suzy West: July 26, 2022

    Beautiful video and message. Being present and in each moment is a wellness practice that has such a huge impact! Thank you for sharing!

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