Reflecting on Inspiration Lab 004: The Art of Fountain Pens (4/10/16)

Reflecting on Inspiration Lab 004: The Art of Fountain Pens (4/10/16)

Few weekend ago, we hosted our 4th Inspiration Lab at Baum-kuchen. We love that we continue to explore different aspects of analogue lifestyle through these intimate gatherings. This time, we shared our love for all things fountain pens.

The idea for this Inspiration Lab started when Eunice showed me how to get more out of my fountain pen back in early 2016. I think Eunice (@thedailyroe) got really concerned when I told her that I NEVER cleaned my LAMY fountain pen for past 3 years. (oops) The truth was that I had no idea how to clean a fountain pen nor the difference between clean and not so clean nibs. So when she brought all her tools to the studio to help me clean my white LAMY and showed me how easy it is to actually clean it..., I wondered "how many other people can get gentle help in getting to know little bit more about their fountain pens?"

There was also another component which was to be able to use ink from any fountain pen ink bottles!! This really got me excited because I was no longer stuck with the color of cartridge inks that each fountain pen makers produced. Seriously... there are so many beautiful ink bottles out there! I learned that it was also very simple to use a ink converter in some of the fountain pens. It really widened my view in fountain pens.

So that's what we tried to infuse during our Inspiration Lab + really useful trouble shooting tips and extra insights Eunice has gained along her journey of fountain pen adventure!

I hope everyone who attended the Lab had a lot of fun not only from learning about fountain pens but also taking a little peek into Eunice's analogue tablescape (she brought a part of her personal analogue table collection to share:), opening thoughtfully curated gift from the host filled with inspiration and tools for your ever evolving fountain pen journey, and the yummiest donuts from Highland Park Donut Friend as well as connecting with like minded analogue community!

I love witnessing the magic of everyone being together in our humble studio space... and sharing how much we all love this analogue lifestyle!


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  • Debi (farmkiti): May 16, 2016
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    Thanks for introducing more people to fountain pens. I love fountain pens and they are a huge part of my analogue experience. It’s really fun to customize my TN with different-colored inks and various fountain pen nibs. As with all hobbies, it’s more fun when shared!

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