Breakfast at Knead Baking Company / Ojai

Breakfast at Knead Baking Company / Ojai

If there is one meal during the day that could lead to a successful dine-out time as a family: It's our breakfast! So I was not going to miss out on the opportunity when I heard about Knead Baking Company in Ojai.  I love their backgrounds... the combination of art, architecture, French, Italian, business, geography and culinary arts and their mission to perfect the texture in the foods they create. My kind of bakery:)

I tried their quiche and seriously... it was one of the softest quiche I ever tasted. Also loved their wholesome breakfast bread. Their outdoor courtyard setting is really lovely and I kind of wished that I could work in their courtyard every morning with a cup of coffee and their pastry.

Eating is definitely one of my favorite parts of traveling and it's so nice to remember a trip through flavor!

p.s. we ended up having two breakfasts there... can you blame me? 


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