LOVE for Analogue / custom sticker made of washi tape!

LOVE for Analogue / custom sticker made of washi tape!

A lot of our Baum-kuchen friends have told us that they have a pretty extensive collection of washi tapes that are waiting to be utilized. But they tend to sit on the table for a long (looooong) time... so I asked Eunice what are some fun ways of using these tapes.

The answer: Why not make custom shape stickers?

We shared little bit about this technique when we featured DIY custom tags during the holidays. I was so thrilled to learn this handy method and wanted to put together another post to share more images with you and the way to apply the technique in the real project.

Eunice showed us how to turn a simple card stock into a charming custom postcard. I hope you enjoy scrolling down the images. You can mix and match some interesting color themes from washi tapes when you are using this technique (the color combination I never thought of:) and as long as you use a slick paper surface (Eunice recommends kitchen wax sheet), you can easily peel off your custom washi tape stickers.

List of artifacts used in this project:


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