LOVE for Analogue / Create festive details!

LOVE for Analogue / Create festive details!

I hope you are embracing the holiday spirit! I will be wrapping special gifts for Satchi and Coco this week and was wondering what would be creative ways to add a personal touch to the gifts... so we asked Eunice if she could share some thoughts on how to craft festive and personal gift tags. I loved that she started it with simple tags that can be found at any office supply stores... and added layers of accents using masking tapes and few of our favorite analogue goodies.

How awesome would it be to have personal tags like this on your gift this year?? I know for sure that our girls will feel extra excited to see these happy tags (and their wrapped gifts) for next 10 days... under our Christmas tree.

List of artifacts used in this project:

1. Layer washi tapes to create custom stickers
Did you know that you can layer washi tapes on a parchment sheet to cut out any shape possible? Eunice showed us how she made Christmas stocking and tree by mixing and matching washi tapes that were available at the studio. When you cut out the shape and peel the tapes off, there is always the wow factor. I showed the technique to the girls at home this weekend and they LOVED it! 

2. Gift tag pocket
Gift tags can work twice as hard. It's a gift tag pocket! Simply cut out a piece of paper with a shape that compliments your gift tag to make a pocket (on this example, a little diagonal pocket). Then layer washi tapes on the pocket to create a beautiful accent on the tags. Insert your little note and you are done:) For extra festiveness, we added wax seal and Classiky hole sticker in blue tone! 

3. Gold accent
We are adoring mt masking tape in gold leaf and gold particle so much! A hint of screen printed gold details add so much brightness to any surface we use the tapes for. Eunice combined the tape with gold ink calligraphy type. You can use gold gel pen for the similar effect! 


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