Simple way to send a flower to a mom in distance...

Simple way to send a flower to a mom in distance...

Frido's family lives in Germany... including his mother Heide. As a result we receive multiple parcels from Germany each month... filled with motherly goodies. (Most parcels are special something for our little Roo:) So when Frido was thinking of ways to share a mother's day gesture with Heide, he knew right away... that he wanted to send her something via snail mail.

He remembered that one of her favorite flowers is lavender... and it happened to be that we have a full bloom of lavender in our garden! A pressed lavender + special envelope = happiness:) I love it when everything simply falls in place.

Here is how the process went... He picked a single stem of lavender from the garden, put it inside of a folded piece of paper and placed it on the bottom of a heavy book. After two weeks of waiting, he took out the (now pressed) lavender, cut a translucent paper to fit in a Orange Envelope with String and Button and taped the lavender to a translucent paper using mt masking tape with a complimentary color. He wrote a little message on a translucent paper, put it in the envelope... and dropped it off at a mailbox!

Super simple... right?

I also love that a pressed flower can last a lot longer than a bouquet of fresh flowers. I can totally imagine this lavender being tucked into Heide's journal.












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