Give a small (and portable!) garden to a mom from the entire family!

Give a small (and portable!) garden to a mom from the entire family!

To mix things up, we asked our friend Lisa who lives in Tokyo to help us come up with a few Mother's Day flower ideas! Since the "family" as an entity is culturally very celebrated in Japan, we thought it would be fun to come up with an idea that a family can come together to create a "family gift" to mothers or grandmothers.


Here are Lisa's words...

"Japanese word "Yoseue" implies to "group planting". Expanding from this concept... a family can get together and create a casual “garden” made of 3 - 5 pots. Idea is easy as each member of your family select one favorite pot of flowers or plants... and put them together into one! Each pot can be as small as it sits in a palm. A family can put these planters in an iron basket, wooden box or any other container available to them so together it becomes one gift and looks like a little garden. A mother (or a grandmother) can enjoy the portable garden as is in the basket, take out each pot and place each one as she wants, or plant them in her yard if she has one!" 


This is how you can put them together!


and this is how it will look like when you share the gift!


The gift can be displayed at a new home as-is in the basket... or planters can be taken away from the original basket and be placed as individuals (a perfect solution for a small space living!).  If there is a space, flowers can also be planted in the actual garden... bringing smiles that will surely last over multiple seasons!

Concept and photography by Lisa Yamaguchi.


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