Sending the virtual love!

Sending the virtual love!

Happy Mother's Day! from Baum-Kuchen on Vimeo.

Some of our moms live in distance...
Of course... sending a card via old school snail mail will be a lovely gesture... but why not make it engaging and personal by shooting a small video?  You don't need a fancy video recorder...  You can use an iPhone, Flip Video, a point-and-shoot digital camera with a video capability... or any other equipments that are available to you!

Roo and I made this video thinking of my mom who lives in a different city... and thought it could be something she can watch over and over or share with her family/friends who live far. We used a video feature of my point-and-shoot camera (which I use for most of our Baum-kuchen photos) and edited them using Adobe Photoshop... but I have used iMovie before and was able to get just about the same outcome (and they are so much more user friendly!!). Depend on what you shoot, you might not even need to edit the video!

Here are some easy video ideas to get you creativity spinning...


  1. You could stand in front of your video camera with flowers and simply tell your mom how you love her and list things you are thankful for her:)
  2. If you are camera shy (I am little bit that way...), why not shoot your mom's favorite flowers. Mix it up! You can shoot them from distance... and up close so there are some visual interests. You don't even have to buy these flowers! Maybe find pretty flowers in your neighborhood. You can make it personal by speaking to your mom while you are shooting the flowers so you record your voice. It will be almost like an audio message with a movie of pretty blooms...
  3. If video is bit too much, you can always do something playful with a still image! Try spelling your message with flower petals, capture the image with your digital device and simply text/email it to your mom!


I hope you have fun creating them and I am sure your mom will love them too:)


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