Reparing and adoring Traveler's Notebook

Reparing and adoring Traveler's Notebook

Few months ago, I noticed that my brown Traveler's Notebook leather cover no longer held my refill notebooks in a place properly so I figured it was time for a hardware update! We have been carrying TN repair kit for a long time at our shop but this was really my first time fixing my Traveler's Notebook after using it for over 6 years.

The whole process only took about 15 minutes but it was a big deal for me to update my Traveler's Notebook since I have carried it around for so long.

Here is the photo documentation of before and after.
I had fun switching the color of elastic to red (from brown and orange) and adding an extra bookmark. (You can add a bookmark when you hammer the new tin clasp. I used Paper Twine in red color to match the elastic!)

Right now I am keeping my brown Traveler's Notebook in the studio as a sample to share how leather looks like in 6 years but I am not sure how long I can be separated from this artifact. It really has gotten too close to my heart.

FYI: Last weekend I helped one of our in-store customer to customize his Traveler's Notebook. Black elastic with brown leather cover looked incredible!!! 


  • Andrew: January 21, 2016
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    Very helpful post. Where can I buy one of the paper clip like pen holders (it can be in black not in silver)? Thanks

  • Valerie: December 01, 2015
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    I experimented a way to treat and nourish TN leather: I smear the leather with the wax from a white simple candle, it gets really greasy at first and after a while you remove the wax in excess with a soft wool cloth, it works miracles.

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