2020 Planner/Journal Lineup at Baum-kuchen

2020 Planner/Journal Lineup at Baum-kuchen

Greetings from Germany. We usually spend this time of the year here in Hamburg with Frido's family. Since last year, we rent a place via Airbnb near his family and it is making our experience even more familiar to come home to. I will be sharing more about our Hamburg experience here very soon!

Back to the main topic of this update. 2020 Planner/Journal lineup at Baum-kuchen! We started thinking about 2020 in May/June when companies like MIDORI and Kokuyo start sharing their upcoming lineup. I know. It's so early, right? In the earlier years at BK, I was surprised by how early in the year we needed to switch our mental roadmap but by now, we are slightly more comfortable with the pace of the planner world! 

In this post, I will be sharing which 2020 planners/journals we will be curating at Baum-kuchen this year and when you can expect to get an update! I hope it will be useful information as you plan your 2020 system. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us as always. We LOVE planners and can't talk about it enough:) 

BK Planner "JIYU": We are in progress of producing our very first planner system to share with our community in conjunction with celebrating the BK 10th year anniversary in 2020. I will write a separate story with more details but in a nutshell, Jiyu means "freedom" in Japanese. It will be an open-dated monthly/weekly calendar in A5 Compact size (same as Traveler's Notebook size). One notebook can be used for 6 months and we are excited to be working with Tomoe River Paper! Designed by Frido and BK team with versatility and flexibility of each analogue enthusiast in mind! Currently, we are expecting to finish the production in late fall 2019. Please stay tuned! 

Hobonichi: Unfortunately, we will not be carrying Hobonichi items this year. We were hoping and really wanted to; however, their terms and conditions towards international retailers have changed drastically. In order for us to carry their lineup, the company required us to purchase designs that don't quite fit in BK context. In order for us to stay true to who we are, we decided to hold back. It is truly our hope that their terms and conditions change over time so we can share their collection again!

Kleid: Kleid is a new company we started to work with this year. We enjoy their focused design quality that brings functionality and style together. Currently, we are carrying their notebooks and memo pads and are excited to include their A5 size monthly calendar to our collection. 

MD Diary: We have 2020 items from MD launching at our shop this week! MD Diary 1-Day 1-Page in A5 and A6 size, Monthly/Weekly in A6, B6 slim, and A5 size, Monthly Light as well as handy Diary Sticker! Their collection is the most minimalistic layout out of all the planners we curate at Baum-kuchen.

Jibun Techo: We are continuing to carry Jibun Techo at Baum-kuchen in 2020! Their functional layout and paper quality are highly addictive, aren't they?? This year, I am excited to share that the price of Jibun Techo will be much lower than previous years thanks to the hard work of our amazing distributor (Thank you, Mr. T:) The original TSLxBK covers in new 2020 colors will arrive in October-November at Baum-kuchen! 

Update: we are now taking pre-order for Jibun 2020

Roterfaden: We are carrying A5 size weekly Vertical and Horizontal format. We love the functional layout of their designs! This was the first 2020 planners to arrive at BK this year. We started carrying them as in-stock at our store a few weeks ago!  

Traveler's Notebook: We are planning to start taking pre-order as soon as we hear from Traveler's Company about their new 2020 lineups! We are looking forward to seeing their new designs for plastic sheet and sticker set! 

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    I can’t wait to see the JIYU planner!!

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