Bits and pieces from the Inspiration Lab with Eunice Roe (4/5/15)

Bits and pieces from the Inspiration Lab with Eunice Roe (4/5/15)

I am so thrilled to share that we had wonderful time gathering at Baum-kuchen studio/shop to host the very very first Inspiration Lab with Eunice Roe (@thedailyroe on Instagram). Our preparation process for this Inspiration Lab was truly a labor of love

I have admired her journaling style, her aesthetics and sensitivity to details for so long... so to be able to soak up the inspiration from Eunice, her story as well as journaling techniques along with other workshop guests who also loved journaling as much... was definitely beyond what I could have ever asked for. 

Eunice and I wanted to make sure that all the details in the Baum-kuchen studio space was well thought out and inspiring so we spent big chunk of the day before the workshop transforming the room. Our friend Angie and Eunice created the background wall filled with letters and correspondence from Eunice's penpals which provide lovely tone to an overall vibe in the room. We also put together multiple analogue tables especially curated by Euncie and Baum-kuchen so guests could "play" with their Traveler's Notebook and journals... making the Inspiration Lab truly a "lab environment" where everyone was experimenting with different analogue materials and tools to customize their notebooks. And of course... I had to make a Traveler's Notebook photo booth to celebrate the occasion. Yep. It's a photo booth especially made to take a picture of your TN. I am already dreaming more custom background and props for this photo booth;) 

We spent the Sunday afternoon learning from Eunice, eating tasty bites from Lemon Poppy Kitchen, playing at analogue tables and sharing our love for analogue.  I loved that many Instagram friends were able to meet in person through this intimate occasion and more new friendships were made to inspire each other's journaling adventure. And everyone went home with Analogue Box that was curated with so much love and care by Eunice. 

Thank you Eunice and everyone who joined this very special gathering! You made my dream of transforming Baum-kuchen to be more than a simple shop come true:) If you are interested, our workshop guest Gert and Madalena have written about the Inspiration Lab from their perspective. You can find Gert's blog post here and Madalena's here

Also you can check out all the Instgram pictures from everyone involved with #bkinspirationlab (link here)

p.s the last picture of me pretty much sums up the way I felt on the day. (I was standing on a stool taking picture of Eunice's demo behind everyone) Thanks Angie for capturing the moment;)

If you have 2nd cup of coffee (tea), please check out the way Eunice uses her Traveler's Notebook on our story! (link here)


  • Eunice R. : April 07, 2015
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    What a wonderful magical day… A day I will always treasure.

  • Jolana: April 07, 2015
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    Wonderful post! J.

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