Dear Satchi & Coco...

Dear Satchi & Coco...

I have been writing (almost) everyday to our girls since last October and it has been one of the most amazing and therapeutic change I have made in my life. I am using MD 2015 Daily Notebook in A5 size. Initially I was worried that the A5 size might be too big to fill out everyday but I somehow always have something to write or draw:) I don't have any rules about what I write everyday... and the page happens very organically. Sometimes I would write an entire letter to each of them... sometimes I capture what we did or what they said... or moments from the day. Some day I use the provided structure of the page to document the hourly activity... I am using the monthly spread as a visual index and it has been fun to come up with a little doodle for the tiny box.

I noticed that my need to document about little ones on our blog has decreased quite a bit recently and it might be because I have a healthy outlet in my analogue world. Out of all the notebooks I carry around everyday... this one is definitely the most treasured.

I am so looking forward to seeing how it evolves over the course of the year!

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  • Juli: February 25, 2015
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    I love this. It’s inspiring. I had one of those small notebooks with 5 teeny tiny lines per day (365 notebook or something) and was filling it and then lost momentum. I keep thinking about resuming but forget! I wish I could just keep something like this going. We need to stop watching tv. I know we both want more creative outlets but with two littles under three it’s so hard! How do you make the time? (more of a rhetorical question haha)…

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