Behind our Baum-kuchen love letter

Behind our Baum-kuchen love letter

Recently I shared how we have been evolving our packaging ideas for Baum-kuchen. I am asking a lot of same questions about everything we do... including our BK love letter. (You can subscribe through here if you are interested). I feel that the BK love letter in the format of email newsletter allows us to share a singular theme in a creative way compared to our other media such as blog, Facebook page and Instagram. And it's so important to me that each BK love letter is thought out because it is destined to add one more incoming email to our friend's inbox... and I don't want to clutter inbox with contents that are less than meaningful. 

During the 2nd half of 2014, I was so honored to work with multiple contributors who brought inspiring ideas, insights and perspectives. (Thank you so much Lisa, Pauline and Angie:)

This month... I have asked myself a question... "what would I send if I were writing my love letter to family and friends?"  It was not an easy question to answer and for the 1st part of January, I wasn't sure how the love letter was going to manifest itself. There was a moment when I thought... "Oh no... we might not have a love letter in January".

Thankfully inspiration came together. The story of "today is the only day" is truly close to my heart. The idea was inspired by a handmade flag our family received from Angie over holidays. It was made by her and her family and her sweet note accompanied the gift. Frido and I decided to hang the flag above my analogue table in our bedroom and I wake up to it every morning. It was a gift that gave me an opportunity to question what the phrase meant to us... because it is harder to really live the quote instead of just sharing it in words. The result is what you see in the video. A collection of moments which I would usually snap as still images... but captured in motion. A real life - including our messy table, slight handshake you might feel from the video... and everything else in between:)

I am hoping that we will continue to push the creative boundary to share what matters to us every month!


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