Growing inside and outside

Growing inside and outside

I never knew receiving a branded sticker can be so exciting! That's what happened today in the studio:) 

One of (many) things I promised myself to accomplish in 2015 is to continuously evolve how we fulfill package to bring extra delight to our customers when Baum-kuchen package arrives and opened. Not an over night make over design solution but a slow gradual transition to better, much better to a great package. With a healthy dose of try and error and a natural selection of design as a part of process:)

First change we started to introduce from the beginning of this month is adding paper twine around the package (love the tactile of the twine!) and now Baum-kuchen branded stickers will be used as an extra accent on the package. I only ordered a small quantity so we will see how it feels to use them and make changes along the way. 

So... our sweet repeat customers, don't be surprised if our packaging looks little different from month to month:) We want to hear your thoughts and feedback on our packaging (Yes... that means negative constructive feedback too!!) so we can continuously tweak and get better in what we do. 
Changes are also happening in places that are not so visible.
From the end of December I started to implement service. My sister specializes in implementing an online service called Salesforce and introduced me to their products and services because I always talk about how special our customers are. (did I mention she is smart?) At this point Salesforce felt overwhelming... but as I did more digging through their website, I noticed as a part of the Salesforce offering. Then I saw this adorable video of BarkBox and knew that it's right for us. I am still holding the individual email exchanges I have with our customers close to our heart. So that's not changing:) But I love the idea of taking the inquiry and question emails out of my email inbox so that they don't fall in the crack of everything else and I can be more on top of things to respond questions and inquiries in a timely manner. Hopefully with time I will be able to really maximize what offers as a behind desk support! It is still just "me" responding to all the email and inquiries and it will probably be the same way for a quite while but I want to make sure that we are starting to create some kind of structure to accommodate our humble growth.

I am so thrilled to share that we are evolving and fine tuning how we do things at Baum-kuchen inside and out... one day at a time! 


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