Table scape of abundance...

Table scape of abundance...

I am terrible in staying same. The word "constant" kind of scares me. I need to be moving forward... making changes and fine tuning what I am doing. After getting through very busy few months, I was so ready to change things up in the studio.

During Christmas and New Year, I felt the amazing feeling of abundance. To be able to give, receive... and celebrate the special day with abundance of great companies, food and moments to be grateful for.

The abundance... in the most positive way.

So I wanted to reflect the feeling within the store display. We usually keep minimum items showcased instead of having "everything" out but I wanted to challenge the thinking and create a table scape of mindful abundance... with artifacts we love and admire so much without feeling cluttered.

There is a chance that I go back to the shop with "nothing" on the display in a few months (I tend to be extreme as well)... so we will see. But for now this feels good:)

Come and visit!

(next up is cleaning up the back room and organizing my work station)


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