Little changes... making BK better everyday.

Little changes... making BK better everyday.

We had a very productive week after Satchi and I came back from Michigan last weekend. I always get little bit overwhelmed by the rush of reality post travel... Does it happen to you?

On Monday I was preparing packages to fulfill for customers... and I must have been little bit disoriented from my travel. I made a classic mistake and placed an wrong item in one of my customer's envelope. (So sorry Eunice!!!) I found out that I made the mistake when my customer reached out to me on Wednesday with a picture of the item she received and "what should we do" question.

I shipped a new package with a correct item as soon as possible and shared a sincere apology with her. I am hoping that she would have her item in her hands... by now.

The mistake and feeling so terrible made me question "what can Baum-kuchen do to make less mistakes like this?". Especially now that we have both me and Nerine working behind the scene to prepare the packages... and I came across a great idea when I was reading SWITCH, which is all about making small and big changes.

One of the case studies they mentioned was to "create a checklist" to prevent avoidable simple mistakes... So simple... but so true. A checklist can bring awareness to our small actions. So I created a quick prototype of an invoice incorporating a set of checklists. It's a small change but I am hoping that a continuous changes and improvements like this will make Baum-kuchen a better place to interact for customers... and for us to work in.


  • Wakako: August 03, 2014
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    It was so great that I went through the process with you, Eunice! Definitely a great great learning lesson for us to do better everyday:) Thank you so much for always being such a lovely customer. xo

  • Eunice : July 28, 2014
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    Oh Wakako. You have the best customer service ever and your store carries some of the the most hard to find items for my Midori Traveler’s Notebook. It feels like a present every time I receive an order from Baum Kuchen. I am a loyal customer for life!!

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