[Metamorphosis] Dimensional Pouch // new vs. + 2 months

[Metamorphosis] Dimensional Pouch // new vs. + 2 months

Few months ago, we started sharing our documentation of products we carry at our shop not only in a brand new scratch free condition... but also after and during being used and loved everyday...with a story that can only be shared by earning a medal of scratches. A side by side comparison of new and aged. It has now become our obsession to see how each product morphs over time. After the first feature of Superior Labor Shoulder Bag, I am happy to share a new post about the metamorphosis of Passport Size Dimensional Pouch designed and made by 1.61 Soft Goods in downtown LA.

Frido has been using his Passport Size Dimensional Pouch in charcoal (brown) color for a few months and here is an aging process of as is today. The charcoal leather of this pouch is really similar to Traveler's Notebook in brown and it seems to wear in a similar way. I can see after only a few months of using it, the color of leather is getting slightly lighter where there are scratch marks.

On the below picture, you can see the color difference between a new Dimensional Pouch (left)... and Frido's Dimensional Pouch (2 months old) on the right.

I asked Frido what is his favorite part of using this pouch is... and he told me "the volume". Because of the way the leather is stitched, the Dimensional Pouch can accommodate quite bit of volume. Frido keeps his camera as well as small digital tools like his remote control and adopter in this pouch which used to get lost all the time because they get buried on the bottom of his bag.

In a series of pictures below..., you can tell his pouch (right) is a lot more puffed up than the one on the left. He also told me that he likes being able to see all the contents in the pouch when he opens it.

Since the strap is long enough to adopt, you can still keep the pouch securely closed even when it's full. I was wondering if the strap closure was little bit cumbersome to open and close but the tactile closure has been delightful for him.

Below... you can see the difference in volume side by side. The stitching is still very much in tact...which we really appreciate.

I can't wait to share the updates perhaps in another 6 months or so to see how it continues to change. Stay tuned:)

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  • Debi: May 16, 2016
    Author image

    I love how the one that is two months old looks bigger and has that worn look. It looks like it adapts very nicely to whatever you carry inside it. I am very tempted by this product!

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