What's new at Baum-kuchen!

What's new at Baum-kuchen!

We have a few new items lined up at the shop! Whenever we stock a brand new items, there is a whole set of process that I go through... writing a product description, a photo shoot, website updating... telling a story (aka my favorite part of the shop operation:)

1.61 Soft Goods Dimensional Pouch in Traveler's Notebook size
We have been carrying a small Dimensional Pouch that is hand crafted in downtown Los Angeles by the duo Diana and Wes. A lot of customers really liked to use them to hold Passport Size Traveler's Notebook... so we figured why don't we design one that fits the regular size Traveler's Notebook perfectly?

I am having very difficult time which color I like more... Nude leather will age and gets darker so I get to enjoy the wearing-in process closely... the charcoal feels so nice in hand and works really well with both colors of Traveler's Notebook.

Which color will you choose???



Baum-kuchen new charm:
We are always thinking and looking for special quotes to share on our Baum-kuchen charm... and these two quotes resonated with us. "ideas happen" and "glass half full".

And I love the quote by Yoko Ono... and Coco Chanel. Seriously... two inspiring and creative designers and architects of life.

Come home! Vol. 36: DIY RenovationAnd we have a new issue of Come home! magazine that JUST arrived from Japan. It's all about easy but inspiring renovation ideas for your house. My eyes always go to some of the ideas about how some of the simple solutions can make the life with kids (and their toys) to be with ease... but there are tons of other ideas that brighten up the everyday life for everyone. I would like to live in those houses that are featured in the magazine.... 


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