New VERY functional items for Traveler's Notebook!

New VERY functional items for Traveler's Notebook!

Each year... MIDORI Traveler's Notebook seems to out-do themselves. Bringing more to the table. I love the newest update to their collection for their eagerness to listen closely to the community's wishes and needs and making it happen.

TN022: Traveler's Notebook Sticky Notes
I am pretty sure that we all put a stack of blank store-bought sticky notes on our Traveler's Notebook because where there is Traveler's Notebook..., there is life. And where our life is... the need for sticky notes to catch all the passing thoughts and ideas. This set of 8 different sticky notes which seamlessly integrates into the Traveler's Notebook system is great for making a to-do list, shopping list, tagging a favorite page from your Traveler's Notebook, writing a memo...

We have always loved MIDORI Film Pocket Sticker... but they made it so that sheets of film pocket perfectly nest in the Traveler's Notebook. Now everything can be kept in one place! I also love their "stickiness" improvement. Since the adhesive is applied to all around the film pocket, the pocket really stays on the page once it's placed assuring that you won't lose an important business card, a special picture or a precious artifact you might put inside. Each package comes with 18 pockets total (3 pockets on each sheet).

TN012: Traveler's Notebook Sticky Notes for Passport Size
Same concept as TN022... but these sticky notes are specially designed for Passport Size notebook making your Passport size Traveler's Notebook more functional in life!

Roll Stickers:
And we have few new Roll Stickers: Matchbox, Ticket and Milk Cap - all inspired by vintage look and feel of analogue artifacts which used to exist all around our life.


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