Love for Traveler's Notebook with Patrick Ng (5/19/16)

Love for Traveler's Notebook with Patrick Ng (5/19/16)

May 19th was a very memorable day for us at Baum-kuchen! We had an amazing honor to host Traveler's Notebook meet-up with Patrick Ng. I had to pinch myself few times the day because it was really a dream come true to have such a passionate Traveler's Notebook community in Los Angeles to gather and listen to Patrick's point of view in analogue lifestyle, his role as a stationery buyer in Hong Kong, as well as stories behind Traveler's Notebook.

I took some notes from the day... and here are some points that really resonated with me (with little bit of my interpretation).

  • Journaling is authentic. If your "journal" reflect your life, nobody can replicate what we are creating.
  • Don't put too many rules on your journaling process. Stay natural. Stay organic. Don't lose your creativity via your rules!
  • What is your "constant"? What pulls you together no matter where you are and what you are doing? Can your journal act as our constant? 
  • "The past you can pick up. The future you can write down." 
  • The beauty in analogue over digital. random, tactile... 
He was very generous to let all of us use his TN limited edition stamp collection as well as his Chronodex stamp and also gave his leather bookmarks to everyone who attended!!! Wow...  
I am so thankful for Eunice to coordinate this event with Patrick. So thankful for everyone who came out in the midweek!!! (and took a day off from work for this!!) So thankful for Patrick for spending the afternoon with us during his busy schedule. 

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  • Kat: May 04, 2019
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    When will you have another Travelers Notebook meetup?

    I would love to meet other interested in the notebook and see how others use it.

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