BK Resource // How to Remove the Sticky Residue from the TN Pocket Stickers

BK Resource // How to Remove the Sticky Residue from the TN Pocket Stickers


Please use this recommendation to remove the sticky residue left behind when removing the below TN pocket stickers from your Traveler's Notebook:

Our customer M.G. asked:

I hope you don't mind me emailing you for some advice. I had one of the Midori back pockets stuck onto my brown TN and I decided to take it off. There is a sticky residue left and I was wondering if you had any tips on how to remove that without damaging the leather too much. I know it's going to keep the sticker stain, which I don't mind; I just don't want to cause further damage. I searched online, but I thought I would ask someone with experience with TNs. 


Ame: It can be tricky! I would recommend getting a good masking tape or packaging tape and lay it over the sticky area of the TN and attempt to peel off the sticky goo by pulling the tape off. (As if you want to remove dust off your clothes with tape). If the sticky goo has not seeped too deep into the pores of the leather, it should help to remove the goo.

If sticker pockets have been attached for a long time on a cover, I generally advise against removing it (unless to reapply a fresh sticker pocket in the same place). I have seen the sticky goo become one with the TN. Unfortunately, if this is the case, you would have to wait for the goo to dry off and become non-sticky. Or what I would suggest is covering it with a nice sticker that is meaningful to you, that way you will have something nice to look at other than goo!

- Written by Ame