BK Resource // Art Medium Compatibility of Hobonichi Tomoe River Paper

BK Resource // Art Medium Compatibility of Hobonichi Tomoe River Paper

Tomoegawa "Tomoe River" Paper company was founded in 1924. It is a name often mentioned among paper aficionados. It is lightweight paper that is commonly found in notebooks. Thanks to the nature of Tomoe River paper, its users are able to explore a variety of mediums for their creative needs. 


The wetter the gouache is, the more the paper will warp. If the application of the gouache is really thick, it is possible that it may crack.



Similar to gouache, if the application is very wet, it will warp and colours may pool.


Tomoe River Paper is well known among fountain pen lovers. Its slower absorbency rate allows for beautiful sheen when inks dry. Depending on the weight of the paper, sometimes you may have ghosting, but no bleeding. It can take quite an amount of ink, leaving it an excellent choice for ink swabs.


The red outline in the sample picture is made with acrylic ink. Acrylic ink dries relatively fast and is waterproof, so you can apply other media over it.


Featured in the sample picture is TOMBOW Irojiten. Irojiten has a wax based lead. Generally colour pencils work better with paper with some texture. 


Alcohol based markers are fast dryers so they won't warp the paper. However, they do bleed onto the back. 

We hope these photo samples will inspire you to explore different media on your Tomoe River Paper notebooks!

- Photographs and written text by Ame