When Pen Meets Paper / Perpanep Notebooks!

When Pen Meets Paper / Perpanep Notebooks!

With such an abundance of notebooks available we are always on the lookout for fun, functional, and unique options to share with you! When we first saw the Perpanep notebooks we were instantly intrigued by the beautiful and minimal design. Perpanep is an anagram of the words Paper and Pen! The notebook focuses on providing the best analogue experience when pen meets paper. 

There are three different textures in the collection: 

1. Ultra Smooth : Tsuru Tsuru

2. Smooth: Sara Sara

3. Textured: Zara Zara

Each texture is available in Grid, dot, and lined.

We thought it was clever how the cover of the packaging features a fun graphical element portraying the textures. The binding is finished with a cheesecloth which gives a warm, tactile experience when holding the notebook. One of the best features of this notebook is how it lays completely flat when open. This not only means less hand fatigue when writing or drawing but it opens up each side of the notebook instantly making it available as a larger A4 size palette. 

So let’s get into the fun part which is the different paper textures! 

The Ultrasmooth features 96 gsm paper which is ideal for fineliners and fountain pens. The paper surface is buttery soft and smooth so your pen glides effortlessly across the paper. It’s characteristic also brings out the beautiful shading of fountain pen inks.

The Smooth is 75 gsm paper that has the perfect balance of smooth with a tiny sprinkle of toothy texture. It provides a comforting and tactile writing experience when using pencils, gel pen, and ballpoint pens. 

Lastly the textured is 90 gsm and definitely has a beautiful surface that you will notice immediately when touching the paper. It is recommended for those who love to use fountain pens and fine liners. It creates a satisfying analogue sound when your pen interacts with the page! 

We really love all the different features and thoughtful details of these Perpanep notebooks and can’t wait to see all the beautiful ways they’re filled up!

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