Watercolor with Me // On A Rainy Afternoon with Ame

Watercolor with Me // On A Rainy Afternoon with Ame

I am super excited to share our ongoing analogue time siries with you! What I love about this Ame's watercolor video is how peaceful it feels even though I am following through her thought process in the painting technique. You can just "be" without feeling overwhelmed. And isn't the bear so cute?? I hope you enjoy doodling along with her!



Hello friends, This is my first time recording a watercolour session, I hope you will join me creating something colourful! Most of my drawings are in sketch form because I strongly believe in jotting ideas down and I tend not to worry about refinement. I sketch a lot for the sole purpose of enjoyment. The end is faced with the question "did I have fun?" rather than "does it look good?". I think the more you draw, the more you'll come to know what you like. So in that spirit, I decided to start recording with only the idea of "bear" and "poppies" in mind. Looking back there are many things to be improved (like the form of the bear), but it's ok. There are other blank papers out there to try and try again. I hope you'll enjoy watching part of my thought process and maybe be inspired to draw something for yourself :)

- Ame

The BK team behind the video: Ame for creating the artwork and recording the original footage and Eunice for editing the footage collaboratively.

BK Artifacts Featured:

Other Artifacts Featured:

  • Escoda Synthetic Brush
  • Warrior Sable Brush
  • Holbein Watercolour
  • Windsor Newton Watercolour
  • Iroshizuku Ink


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