Video: BK Team Analogue Storage

Video: BK Team Analogue Storage

At Baum-kuchen, it's an understatement to say that we LOVE our analogue artifacts!!! and sharing tips and ideas for storing/organizing our stationery collection has been a big lunch break topic amongst us (thanks to Marie Kondo!!!). 

So we thought we would do a special video to showcase some of our favorite organization tips. I hope you enjoy hearing from Eunice, Nerine, Ame and me (Wakako) and see analogue space from our homes (except Nerine's footage was shot at BK:). When I watched the footages during the editing process, I was pleasantly surprised that I had so much more to get to know about them. I hope it will be the same for you! Thank you, Nerine, Ame, and Eunice for contributing the contents for the topic and for Eunice to be our editing master. This was one of the most involved video projects we have worked on by far. I hope we get to continue sharing our world in a creative story-telling way. Cheers:) 


A collaborative effort in creating this video by Ame, Nerine, Eunice, Wakako for contributing organizational ideas and original footages to make this video happen; Eunice for patiently threading through the footage so thoughtfully; Wakako for being the cheerleader for all contents produced for and by BK.

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  • Terri: June 21, 2019
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    Thank you so much for making this video and for giving us a peek into your personal storage systems! Your systems are all so beautiful and peaceful, and I really enjoyed learning about them. 🙂

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