TSL Leather Bottom Shoulder Bag for small and big adventures // Eunice

TSL Leather Bottom Shoulder Bag for small and big adventures // Eunice

 1. "Deep Large Size" As A Travel Companion
About 2 years ago, I packed my hefty carry on bag for my very first trip to Tokyo, Japan. I was beyond excited and was determined to be really smart about what and how I would pack. I dedicated an overflow of “necessities” and “just in case” items into so many different pouches not realizing by the time jet lag kicked in, I would have no idea which pouch was holding what. To make a long story short, after not being able to locate my passport for a few hours the day before departing Japan along with nearly losing my wallet at the airport, I learned a very important lesson: travel light. Travel very light.

The Superior Labor Leather Bottom Shoulder Bag in the deep large size is the perfect companion for a carry on bag or an overnight bag for a short trip. The canvas is durable yet lightweight, while the leather bottom adds that touch of sophistication that will age beautifully over time. Due to the deep vertical construction of the bag, you can be assured that your belongings will not fall out so that you can focus on more important things...like enjoying your trip!

- The main zippered compartment: has more than enough room to fit your favorite reading material such as a magazine, book, e-reader (such as a Kindle, iPad mini, or iPad pro), and earphones. It will also comfortably fit your Traveler’s Notebook, an extra shirt / thin sweater, a petite scarf or handkerchief, and a small toiletry pouch. The slim 6cm width of the bag is perfect to house and arrange these necessities as they stay upright without falling over onto the bottom of the bag (or as many of us call it, “the bottomless pit”). 

- The outer pockets: are great for holding items that you need frequent quick access to such as your wallet, keys, phone, and sunglasses. You can also keep your boarding pass with a passport in one of the two pockets so your travel documents will be readily available for boarding.

Traveling is so exciting and fun! Having the right artifacts to accompany you on the journey is part of the experience. Although this bag can be used for any occasion such as work or even an everyday carry, we hope you will be inspired to use this bag to travel light so that you can enjoy the magic of travel.

Also, check out the William Morris design (blue and yellow) in the same size.
2. "Large Size" A Day Of Exploring with Analogue Tools
There is nothing quite like the excitement of packing all your analogue tools and artifacts together for a fun day of exploring! This could mean going out into nature while sketching and photographing the breathtaking surroundings, while for others it simply means relaxing at a local coffee shop to unwind and write down thoughts or paint. Days like this require that perfect "slightly bigger" bag to carry some analogue tools while still maintaining the freedom to be mobile and move about.

The Superior Labor Shoulder bag in the Large size holds all your daily essentials with extra room on the days you wish to bring along your analogue tools. There are three variations which consist of an all leather option, canvas with leather bottom, or William Morris design (blue and yellow).

- The middle zippered section of the bag: has a gusseted bottom which allows you to fit your analogue tools such as your beloved Traveler's Notebook, Sketchbook, Leather Carrier with brushes or pens, travel watercolor kit, Instax Camera, and a small handkerchief or tissues.

- The outer pockets: can house personal belongings such as your wallet, keys, and cell phone. 

- The straps on the bag are also removable so it can be utilized as a clutch or pouch, giving it another dimension of versatility.

There are so many beautiful and fun places to see and experience. We hope you have some amazing adventures with your favorite analogue tools in tow!

3. "Small Size" for an Everyday Carry

There are days when you really just need to carry the essentials. Those days where you want to go grab lunch with a friend, need to go shopping, or if you are like me: just prefer to carry a smaller bag on an everyday basis to keep things simple. The Superior Labor Shoulder Bag in the small size is ideal for holding the daily artifacts you need with a bit of extra room for a few analogue tools of course!

- The middle zippered compartment: will comfortably fit your passport sized Traveler's notebook or any a6/b6 notebook, slim pencil pouch or pen holder, wallet, and headphones, with additional extra room for lip balm or other petite personal items.

- The outer pockets: are just the right size to hold your cell phone and keys for easy access.

- My favorite part of this bag is because of the small size and removable straps, it can easily be converted to a pouch on the days a bigger bag is needed without having to remove each of the contents when making the switch. It's like a catchall that can be moved around while at the same time be used as a daily carry.

Finding the right bag to fit your needs can be daunting. We hope this gives you a bit of insight into the different sizes and what they can hold. May it also inspire you to take more adventures whether it be an exciting journey across the miles or locally with your favorite bag and analogue artifacts in hand.

Texts and Photographs by Eunice


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