"Trust the Process" Design Process by Frido Beisert

"Trust the Process" Design Process by Frido Beisert

At Baum-kuchen, we are designing and tinkering our next ideas every day. During summer 2018 while BK family was living in Hamburg, Germany, our creative director, Frido (also known as the dad of the studio), has developed many new designs for upcoming BK graphics. 

In this video, you will see and hear how his design adventure is never a straight line but more of a manner of taking a leap one stepping stone at a time. The most important part of the process is to "trust the process." Let the journey guide you instead of the other way around. The rest will follow.

Using this method, our favorite quote, "The Journey is the Destination" was reimagined and reframed into the new design.

I hope you enjoy taking a sneak peek into our BK design process! And if you would like to know more about Frido's creative process, please check out his book, Creative Strategies.

BK items mentioned in the video:
Trust the Process Notebook (A5 Slim Size)
Traveler's Notebook 
Lamy Fountain Pen
Modern Fuel Mechanical Pencil
Creative Strategies Book by Frido 
TSL Paint Small Shoulder Bag
The Journey is the Destination Stamp (brass charm to arrive soon)

Thank you BK team for producing this video:
Frido for sharing his creative process and his designs;
Eunice for editing the footage beautifully;
Wakako for being the cheerleader for all contents produced for and by BK. 

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