Transform your Traveler's Notebook to fit your life

Transform your Traveler's Notebook to fit your life

One of the most important aspects of Traveler's Notebook is the flexibility of being able to configure and personalize what goes inside of the TN leather cover. We love that this very special feature allows each one of us to create a unique relationship with our Traveler's Notebook.

In this short and inspiring story, you will see how Eunice reconfigured her TN into a travel journal/wallet with one refill notebook along with Travel for Life Wallet when she took her TN to Okayama, Japan in 2017. When she got back to her daily routine, she transformed her TN to her everyday journal where she carries 3 refill notebooks with some TN accessories. 

I hope this video gives you an insight into how you can arrange your TN to work for your life using TN Binding Band as well as assortments of TN accessories. 

BK items mentioned in the video:

Traveler's Notebook

[TSL x BK] Travel for Life Wallet

TN 021 Binding Band

TN 007 Card Holder

TN 008 Zipper Case

TN 020 Kraft Folder

TN Weekly + Memo

BK "Wander" Notebook in Passport Size

TN Olive Ballpoint Pen

TSL Engineer Pouch Natural Canvas with Leather Bottom

BK Clover Pin

Classiky Wood Small Box

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  • AmaLia: November 03, 2018
    Author image

    This video literally breathes a new Life to my TN! I still use the same inserts, but now it it feels fresh and Looks Less bulky than before. Thank you, Baum-kuchen! xx

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