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TN Card File as a Color Swatch Book

TN Card File as a Color Swatch Book
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I recently started putting together a color swatch book for my gouache using the TN 028 // Card File! Gouache paints change in lightness as it dries, so a color chart is really helpful in accurately planning color. I’ve tried to keep color charts on a single sheet, but they became outdated very quickly as I tried different brands or colors. I wanted a way to organize swatches that were flexible and practical.
The simplicity of the file is perfect for organizing cards in a way that is easy to access and flip through. The clear slots also make it easy to rearrange the cards. So the catalog can stay current and in chromatic order even if (when) I add more colors in the future.
Having a color reference is important to my painting process, and I’ve already gotten valuable use out of it in the short time I’ve had it. But in addition to the function of the album I’ve found that I really enjoy flipping through when they are displayed this way! Looking at the textured swatches and clean colors straight from the tube appeals to the part of me that loves to paint. I find myself browsing, thinking up new ideas to use each color.
I’m using this file for my gouache, but you can use it for watercolor, ink, colored pencils, or any other mediums that work well on paper. If you have an unused card file at home I definitely recommend this as a calm and satisfying project!


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