The Superior Labor Travel Bag XS // Eunice

The Superior Labor Travel Bag XS // Eunice

When I first took a look at this TSL Travel Bag XS as it arrived at the home studio, I was immediately struck by how lovely it was. I think I was equally surprised at how different it looked from the other TSL bags we have shared in the past. Although it has a different vibe, there is no mistaking the distinct TSL original craftsmanship, details, and of course their signature paint. The herringbone fabric looks lovely against the nude leather and I imagine that they will age together beautifully as the bag gets used for big and small adventures!

- Eunice

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  • Stephanie Chun: October 26, 2022
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    Please let me know if this bag is ever available again; it looks perfect!

  • Linda Brimigion: August 26, 2022
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    How can I purchase the Superior Leather Eunice bag?

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