Shine Your Light from Within // Eunice

Shine Your Light from Within // Eunice

I have always been drawn to light. Whether it be the way sun beams flood through the windows with unique shapes of warm light, to the way you can see the stars shining in the darkest of night skies. Their sparkles although tiny, a message to the universe that acknowledges their gentle presence. Nature’s light is wondrous, but I’ve also found moments of healing and peace by simply lighting a candle. The way the wax slowly melts and transforms showing the passage of time while the small dancing flame remains a constant emanating light. These are some introspections I thought about during the process of creating the Shine On tape. 

The first artwork iteration which was done at the same time as the Keep Growing and Among the Lights tape, I played around with a collaging idea which did not feel right once the artwork was complete. I then moved onto watercolor which was fun but still did not convey what I was imagining. I really wanted to portray the message of warmth, movement in the way wax melts, along with the bright flame. I started to look for other mediums I had at home and came across my colored pencils. Not expecting much I started to move the white colored pencil across the kraft paper and it finally started to come together. I ended up illustrating many different sized candles with bright flames which Emil then orchestrated together digitally along with guidance from Frido. The completed piece showed the different phases of a candle and its journey through time.

I have realized this past year that time changes us in so many ways much like the transformation of wax on a candle yet the flame remains a constant. Sometimes the flame can appear bigger or smaller depending on its surroundings but that does not diminish its gentle glow. I hope this tape will bring warmth to your analogue projects and serve as a little reminder to keep shining your light within. No matter how small you think your flame may be, its positive light can be felt by those near and far. 

- Text and photos by: Eunice 

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